11 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

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We all want to save our productivity, we want to focus on work. But most of the time it becomes very tough with the destructive environment. We all work online, most of us use the chrome browser.

Here I will tell you about how we can stay productive during work on the internet. Here we will tell you the best Chrome extensions for productivity.but before I tell you the list of productive extensions, answer the question for a new user.

Why do we use Chrome extensions?

Most of the people in the world are using a browser for their professional work. To increase the power of the browser or to configure your browsing environment according to your choice, we use extensions or addons. Google chrome browser is the best web browser, not just because of its performance but it also has a lot of great extensions to make your work easy.

So, without any further delay, we should jump our talk to talk about the best Chrome extensions for productivity. These extensions are mostly free but some of those have premium features, which are paid.

Google Keep 

Google Keep Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Key Features :

      • Colour code and add labels to notes, quickly organize your notes. If you want to find something you saved, a simple search will work but you can easily detect it in different colours.
      • Google Keep also has an android app, so it can sync your todo list and all of your data, across all of your devices like smartphone, tablet, computer and Android wearables. So you are always within reach of your list.
      • The location-based reminder is a wonderful feature in Google Keep.
      • If you usually work in Google Docs in PC then you can put your notes to google docs just by right-clicking.
      • Last but not least “Google Keep” has a dark mode also.

Whenever we talk about Free productivity extensions Google keep comes first on the list, it’s one of the great extensions of google chrome provided by Google.

Google keep helps you take notes and create to-do lists; you can also save media like images, videos and webpages and then you can write notes to them. Voice memo feature is one of the highlighting features in this extension.

It can also give you location-based reminders for your notes and lists. “Google keep” has a location-based reminder, which is the most underlying feature. For example, if you are travelling to NewYork city and want to eat ‘Bacon In NewYork, then you can save a reminder as “to eat Bacon” and set its location to NewYork city. Then when you are in NewYork city Google Keep will make you remember that “to eat Bacon in NewYork city ” which is really helpful.

It’s Free, download Google Keep extension by Click here.


Todoist for Chrome

Key Features :

      • Capture and arrange your tasks at any moment, tasks can be arranged by priority level or arranged by dates.
      • With this extension can not forget about deadlines with its reminders and due dates work pretty well.
      • You can track your progress with personalized productivity trends.
      • You can plan your day in an organized way.
      • 60+ app integrations and can sync your list in smartphone app also.

Todolist already gained 4.6 ratings in google web store which is given by more than 45k users. You can add any blog post as a task to read it later and also can organize your whole day with Todolist.

To capture tasks quickly this extension is best. select text on the page, and right-click and select Add to Todoist from the menu to create a new task in your Inbox.

If you want to manage your work deadlines and always try to keep yourself on the track then this extension will help you a lot because you can organise your task according to your priorities and dates.

Like Google Keep, Todolist also has a colour coding feature that will manage your lists according to colour.

Add to chrome, Todoist Chrome Extension


RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

Key Features :

      • Track how much time you spend on which website.
      • Give you the result of how protective and destructive.

Now you can track your time that you spend on chrome, Rescue time extension will help you.it can track how much time you spend on which website and automatically categorise those websites, and scale the time that shows you how much percent you are being productive today. It can also score your time on a scale from Very Productive to Very Distracting. It’s very easy to pause it, if you don’t want to track yourself.

RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

Productivity Owl 

Productivity Owl Chrome Extension

Key Features :

      • It uses a timer on every webpage
      • You must complete your work within the time limit otherwise the webpage will close automatically.

The Productivity Owl is able to wipe out your time-wasting habits on the chrome browser. This extension can set a timer on every webpage, if you exceed the time limit then Productivity Owl auto closes the certain webpage. You just do your work fast and close the tab before closing it by Owl. You can also block a webpage. It can also close inactive tabs after 15 minutes if you enable this option.

You can white list a web page or search engine which is important for you. Just set those websites as “Allowed Websites” in the options of this extension. Some social sites such as Facebook and Youtube should be set as “Blocked Websites” in the options.

If you really want to be productive, you must use this plugin for at least ones by click here


Noisli Chrome Extension

Key Features :

      • It is inspired by present professionals Playlists and helps you to create your own.
      • Quickly access and play your Favorite playlist
      • A timer to work in sessions but it is in their advanced features, Unlimited streaming, Shuffle songs features are only for Pro or Business users.
      • Master volume control
      • You can easily share your playlist with your friends.

Some people would like to listen to music to make focus in their work so Noisli is here for you, you can listen to background sound in a very peaceful way.

With Noisli extension you can listen to your own personal song environment, which will definitely help you to focus while you work. it’s very useful to reduce stress and help you relax. Add to chrome 


Airstory Chrome Extension

Key Features :

      • Highlight text snippet or multiple snippets, Save it as a reusable note inside Airstory.
      • You can give Tag to your text.

If you browse many sites and articles and want to make notes then Airstory is for you. With this extension, you can save your important online research as a note. Then drag that note into any space you write online like Google Docs.

The process is Just simple to Select the text that you want to save, then through right-click, select “save the text as Airstory” after that a popup comes from Airstory extension icon, select OK, then you can give a tag to your save texts. Add to chrome 

Just Read 

Key Features :

      • You can remove page’s styling, Ads, Pop Ups,  Comments and can focus on content.
      • Dark mode can enhance focus.

If you are irritated with a website’s call like sign up or subscribe to us like pop ups then Just Read helps you a lot. Just reading makes a webpage very simple, comment-free and ad-free that increases your focus towards content and increases your productivity. You can customize the web page in your own way and also use dark mode to make your eye stress free. the great reader will use this extension.

Just read really helpful if you have a bookmarked page, and want to read your favourite content without any distraction. Add to chrome


StayFocusd Chrome Extension

Key Features :

      • Set a daily time limit to a webpage like social media,
      • Also, configure according to which day of the week or which hour of the day you want restrictions.

You just need to set some minutes that you want to spend on time-wasting websites like Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube. You can also configure your extension to block entire sites, specific subdomains, or even specific in-page content like videos, forums, games. Once you reach your time limit, StayFocusd Extension blocks access to that site for the entire day.

You can also configure which days of the week and which hours of the day you want your time limits. You can whitelist that day or hour to enjoy your holiday. Add to chrome



Key Features :

      • Use keyboard shortcuts for everything in chrome.

Good typing speed can make your work fast, but it’s so irritating to use a mouse again and again within work, it can lower down your productivity. Vimium helps you if you want to use more keyboard then mouse. Vimium gives you the ability to use the keyboard to navigate all your online work.you can use “J” and “K” to scroll down and up your Chrome page, use your bookmark by press “O”, use “Shift+F” to indicate that you want to follow that link.

Keyboard shortcut lovers will definitely love it. Add to chrome

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Win the Day 

Win the Day

Key features

      • You can set your main goal and subgoals and set their deadline.

Win the Day is an extension that works in Chrome as a goal-setting tool, where you can set your goals and define your work deadlines. Just need to enter your goal, and its deadline (should be under 13 weeks).

Within any big goal, you configure sub-goals, in which you can work on a daily basis. After completing the, you’ll be able to track your progress for your main goal, this extension will tell you how many days remaining for your deadline.

You can set a time period when you’ll extensively focus on your task, by customizing your Focus Mode. Add to chrome


Key features

      • Block pop-ups, ads, and annoying banners even from Youtube.

The name of this extension can suggest their work. Any list of productivity extensions is incomplete without adblocker. Adblocker is another Chrome extension that always works in the background. it blocks ads everywhere on Chrome including YouTube and Facebook. 

Spammy Ads always distract you from your main content, so this extension will increase your focus to your work. It also Blocks third-party trackers and protects your privacy, it will also improve page load times that will help you to save you time and enhance your browsing experience. Add to chrome

I can make this list longer, I can tell you more extensions because Google Chrome browser has millions of useful extensions, we can not use all of them. Even we will hardly use all of the above lists. But we can use any of these extensions or can make a combination of extensions which make us more productive and save our time.

The list that I told you above is the best Chrome extensions for productivity, these extensions really helpful for you to stay in productivity.

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