8 best chrome extension for SEO

best chrome extension for SEO

Here, we are going to tell you best chrome extension for SEO, but why you need these extensions? We all know about the importance of SEO, without SEO our website is nothing. In this competitive world, you should be updated of your competitor and you also need full-body analysis of the website of your competitor. For these analyses, you need professional tools.

There are so many tools for SEO Analysis which are free or paid. The free tools have limited features and Paid tools are not affordable for everyone.

But if you really want some SEO tools with a very low budget or free then here I will tell you 8 free chrome extensions that will help you with your SEO. These are the top SEO chrome extensions.

Every extension may have different features but if you use all extensions then you will find that all tools which are having a professional paid tool.

So, we can say that these tools can save your lot of money.

MozBar Extension

This extension is a very handy and best chrome extension for SEO if you are browsing the web and researching any potential competitors. It will quickly show you how you stack up to them and as you will go to their website you can easily find their most trusted pages with analysis.

MozBar created a Chrome extension called MozBarbar. This extension tells you the domain authority and page authority for any page on the web.

MozBar Extension

MozBarBar provides you with a complete study of a page while viewing any page or SERP. It can create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.

You can rapidly evaluate the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page. And also you can compare link metrics data across pages.

MozBar extension will come up with the facility to find and highlight keywords on a webpage. It can also differentiate links with different categories Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.

You can go with MozBarBar Extension by click here

Keyword Surfer Extension

Keyword surfer is 100 per cent free and one of the best chrome extension that permits you to analyze Google search results without buying any app. After you do a look for all the world, you see the word search volume furthermore volume inside your region.

You can additionally notice what percentage backlinks every result has, which provides you with a rough data of what number of links you would need to rank within the initial page of Google.

Keyword Surfer Extension

For every new search in Google, there knowledge which will be useful to form your SEO strategy

With this extension, you’ll be able to notice search volume for your primary keyword and also provide Similar keywords with their volumes

You can get info about how many quality backlinks per domain have and estimated traffic for every page from search results.

You can go with Keyword Surfer Extension by click here

SEO Minion Extension

SEO Minion effective tool for On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview and more. This extension is completely free of cost 

SEO Minion Extension

It can analyze the HTML of any webpage and help you to optimize the On-Page SEO as well as alert you to any issues.

It is very helpful for check every link on a webpage and give you the report of any links with issues or broken. It can also check hreflang tag validity, as well as whether there are return tags present or not.

You can go with SEO Minion Extension by click here

SEOquake Extension

SEOquake provides a detailed overview of your site. It is a free plugin that gives you SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit.


This chrome extension provides a detailed view of your website with like your Alexa rank, indexing information for Google and Bing as well as your SEMrush rank.

You can get thorough out analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format. You can also check your social statistics for Facebook and Google+. This Chrome extension can determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list.

You can go with SEOquake Extension by click here

Similar Web Extension

If you are interested in how much traffic your competitors are getting, then this extension is for you. Similar Web provides the most accurate result of traffic estimations as compared to anyone else.


The best thing about this extension is that you can get traffic data without going to site.

It provides data for the last 6 months with the bounce rate, average pages per visit, and visit duration also.

It will give you the name of the countries the visitors are coming from.

Last, but not least, it provides the traffic makeup for each site as well. 

You can go with Similar Web Extension by click here

Keywords Everywhere Extension

I think this is the most popular extension for SEOs. It is the best chrome extension for keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere Extension

Keywords Everywhere is a great tool to research keywords within google. And it’s the easiest way to get keywords. 

Just go to Google and type in any keyword that you are interested in. Keywords Everywhere will show you a list of keywords, that is related terms that you can go after as well.

You can go with Keywords Everywhere Extension by click here

Buzzsumo Extension

We all know that social media is the best way to engage your content to your audience. Buzzsumo provides you to check how many social shares a given webpage or web post has as well as their backlinks.

Buzzsumo Extension

You can also check the most shared content for the current website. This extension can fetch social engagement data for any website without having to open BuzzSumo.

So, basically, if you are finding the best chrome extension for SEO, then it can not be completed without Buzzsumo.

You can go with Buzzsumo Extension by click here

Fatrank Extension

Fatrank Extension

If you want an easy and free way to check your rankings in google search, just set Fatrank. All you have to do is go to your site, click on the Fatrank extension, and type in a keyword to see if you rank for it.

But this extension works when you are in in the top 100 if you are then it will tell you the exact position.

You can go with Fatrank Extension Extension by click here

There are a lot of extensions in the market. You can choose as per your requirement, some tools are paid and some are free. As we discussed above, these extensions are mostly free of cost and very effective. There is no need to use all of them but you can use any one of them or you can make a combination to make your site is optimized.

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